Staying in Community during Lockdown | Growth Groups

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Staying in Community during Lockdown

Growth Groups : "Circles not Rows" 

DJ Strydom shares the importance of Staying in Community during this difficult period and why Growth Groups can be hugely beneficial.

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Brien & Joanne Carremail BrienEdenvale
Stuart & Karin Hobsenemail StuartHurleyvale
Gavin & Lucille Hoffmanemail GavinEdenvale
Gary & Tanna Hymanemail GaryLakeside
Kingsley & Molly Nasandoemail KingsleyChurch
Deon Boshoffemail DeonChurch
Clint & Mandy Burgeremail ClintEdenvale
Ted & Chantal Coffinemail TedCroydon
Jimmy & Ros Dottemail JimmyHighway Gardens
Eben & Eva Fourieemail EbenElma Park
Maurice & Mariaan Grovéemail MauriceEdenvale
Dean & Lisa Levyemail TedGreenstone
Michael & Zelda Robinsonemail MichaelBedfordview
Duane & Fontini Wiltersemail DuaneChurch
Jurie & Nadine Fourieemail JurieEdenglen
Tom Purdyemail TomChurch
Jan & Ina Bouweremail JanChurch
Neil & Candice Dubrowskyemail NeilEdenvale