Jungle Gym Church Project Donations

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jungle gym church project donations - newDAY Church Edenvale

Jungle Gym Church ProjectRequesting Donations for a Big Little Dream A very big part of growth is to allow enough room for growth. What’s the point of encouraging new visitors if there’s not enough room to accommodate them? Or for that matter, a beautiful and SAFE facility for their children.  And so to that end, we’re embarking on a serious … Read More

Mother’s Room Facilities at Church

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Revamped Mother's Room Facilities at Church - newDAY Church Edenvale

NEW Revamped Mother’s Room Facilities at ChurchPLUS refurbished “Sunshine Kids” play room Moms. I’m showing my age here, but I remember a song called Teddy Bear’s Picnic – If you know the tune you’ll hear it in the following words: “If you go down to the Church today, you’re in for a big surprise…” A big surprise indeed – the … Read More