Pure Joy Celebration | Justine Wimble

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Pure Joy Celebration - Ladies Celebration Edenvale - "Pure Joy" with Justine Wimble

Pure Joy Celebration

R.E.A.L Ladies Ministry Event with Justine Wimble

Justine Wimble from ONELIFE  church in Durban joined us at the Ladies Ministry event on 14 May 2022 to share her joy and love for Jesus. This was something truly special. 

Guest speaker Justine Wimble in her own words:

"My name is Justine Katherine Joy Wimble! I've been in love with the Lord for 24 years! I met my gorgeous husband when I was 13 years old, we got married when I was 21 and we have three handsome boys aged 14, 12 and 11! We have served together full time at ONELIFE church for 26 years and planted our ONELIFE Durban site about 6 years ago. I am passionate about the church, people and making home! I absolutely love coffee dates with my man, watching my kids grow, being in my garden, shopping, organising things and running!"



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