7 Spiritual Gifts Romans 12

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7 Spiritual Gifts Romans 12

7 Spiritual Gifts Romans 12

The Gifted Course

What you need to know

The 7 Spiritual Gifts of Romans 12:6-8 is the focus of a new teaching series at newDAY Church Edenvale starting 6 February 2022.

The GIFTED course will flavour all aspects of church life for 6 weeks from Sunday Services to Grow Groups to your Daily Devotions.

Here's how it will work practically:

Firstly, we encourage all church members to book the GIFTED SUNDAY SERVICES online so that we can prepare the course pack which includes a beautifully printed manual - knowing numbers ahead of time helps us prepare. 

This GIFTED manual will be your companion for the duration of the six-week series and has place for making notes during the Sunday preach, interactive "complete the sentence" sections for the mid-week Grow Group and beautifully laid out Daily Devotions.

There are 3 Main parts to the GIFTED Course:

Every Sunday (6 Feb to 13 March 2022) Greig will prepare a specific message focussing on GIFTED. Bring your manual to make notes.

IMPORTANT: Please encourage friends and family to attend either the whole course, OR continue to invite them as visitors to Sunday Meetings - these messages can be enjoyed as a visitor even if they come once only. It's "Normal Church",  just flavoured with the "GIFTED sauce".


7 Gifts - 6 symbols - What's the significance?


No mystery - we checked. The symbols, or icons, are really only a design feature that relates to the 6 weeks of the course. It has no bearing on the 7 gifts mentioned in Romans 12:6-8.

Can i still invite guests?

Of course you can invite guests. In fact we are very much going to encourage everyone to #EachOneReachOne - whether visitors only attend 1 meeting or more than one, each message is designed to be a standalone, and can still be enjoyed. Naturally we would hope that new people join us for the duration of the 6 weeks - which would be wonderful. 

What if I'm not in a grow group?

For those not in a Grow Group, we will host a large meeting in the Main Auditorium where everyone will watch the pre-recorded Video that Greig has prepared.  After that, team members will be on hand to facilitate breakaway groups to discuss the video and to work through the topic in the manual.

If you would like to know more about joining a Grow Group, click here and here.