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a message from Oom Jan

The reason we would love you to update your details here is so that we can assist and serve you in the best way possible. This is for internal use only and will never be authorised by me to be used in any way other than serving you. 

The types of things we do with your information: Birthdays are a classic example of how we use your birthdate. How about  just calling you to say "How are you?" - that's the kind of personal and pastoral duty we as elders have. Calling a wrong number from an outdated list is obviously counter-productive. Maybe you moved recently to another suburb - or even to a different city or province - that would be good to know!

We all live busy lives, we here at newDAY are very appreciative of that fact. Could I ask you to take a few minutes and complete this form?

Thank you so much and bless you!

In order to conform with privacy laws (POPIA Act) we are required to state that your personal information is safe with us. The information you submit on this form will not be sold to other parties for marketing or any other purpose other than church operations. By filling in this form you hereby consent to allow us to use this information for this specific purpose only.


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