John Chapter 17

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John Chapter 17 - The Greatest Prayer Ever Prayed by Jesus

John Chapter 17 – The Greatest Prayer ever Prayed Listening to Greig’s Audio Preaches here on the site, via SoundCloud and How to Download newDAY Church · John 17 : The greatest prayer ever prayed – Greig Garratt We have a new format for Audio Preaches – using the SoundCloud platform! Here’s how it works: Above is a complete series … Read More

Who is Jesus Christ to you? | Passion Week

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Who is Jesus Christ to you? | Passion Week at newDAY Church Edenvale

Who is Jesus Christ to you?”Who do you say that I am?” Who is Jesus Christ to you? Surprisingly, this question may seem simple and easy to answer, but is a question that needs to be thoughtfully answered by examining our understanding and hearts. Greig Garratt focusses our attention on the question that Jesus asked his disciples during the Passion … Read More

Auditions for Rock Concert 2022


Auditions for Rock Concert

Auditions for Rock ConcertWe need talent for new Gospel Rock Concert We are presenting a gospel rock concert on 28 & 29 October 2022. Auditions will start soon so sign up now. We need actors, rock singers, choir singers, musicians, set builders, set decorators, dancers, sound and lights technicians, makeup and hair stylists, costume designers and seamstresses, ushers, props assistants … Read More

7 Spiritual Gifts Romans 12

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7 Spiritual Gifts Romans 12

The Gifted Course – What you need to know
The 7 Spiritual Gifts of Romans 12:6-8 is the focus of a new teaching series at newDAY Church Edenvale starting 6 February 2022.
The GIFTED course will flavour all aspects of church life for 6 weeks from Sunday Services to Grow Groups to your Daily Devotions.
Here’s how it will work practically…

Enjoying the Presence of God

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enjoying the presence of god

Enjoying the Presence of GodDelighting in God is the life blood of Christian Living “Enjoying God” is a series of preaches by Greig Garratt explaining how delighting in God is what enables Christians to live sacrificial lives, to continually fight sin and to remain steadfast in the face of persecution. WATCH: Below is a video Playlist – top left is … Read More

How Jesus Rescued me from Death | Rocky Wainstein and Danie du Preez

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How Jesus Rescued me from Death:Two Powerful Testimonies: Rocky Wainstein & Danie du Preez Greig Garratt uses an informal interview style with Rocky and Danie to showcase the amazing work of Jesus Christ in these two “legendary” men. Be prepared to smile, laugh and even cry. Jesus truly can call a man from any background, no matter what he may … Read More

Finding God’s Purpose for my Life | Video

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Finding God’s Purpose for my Life”He Picks and He Places” – DJ Strydom DJ Strydom delivers a powerful sermon focussing on your place in His Church, His plans for you, and why you should be excited by being “picked” and “placed” by God. 1 Corinthians 12:2012There is one body. But it has many parts. Even though it has many parts, … Read More

Giving Bags of Hope to the Children

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Giving Bags of Hope to the Children newDAY Church Edenvale

Giving Bags of Hope to the ChildrenBuy Goodies, Fill a bag, Drop it off at newDAY! 00D00H00M00S Shopping List Now more than ever there are children who need “Bags of Hope” – basic necessities (and some sweet luxuries – because they are kids!). Will you help us to extend a warm loving arm of giving this year leading up to … Read More

Jesus Building His Church | Chanelle Rossouw

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Jesus Building His Church - Chanelle Rossouw at newDAY Church Edenvale

Jesus Building His ChurchChanelle Rossouw delivers a prophetic message for newDAY Chanelle Rossouw from Storehouse Church in Port Elizabeth delivered a very powerful prophetic message for newDAY Church from Isaiah and Nehemiah. Your people will rebuild the cities that were destroyed long ago.And you will build again on the old foundations.You will be called The One Who Repairs Broken Walls.You … Read More

Grief Care Counselling Day

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Grief Care Counselling - GriefShare at newDAY Church Edenvale

Grief Care Counselling Day EdenvaleGriefShare Counselling Edenvale We will be hosting a special GriefShare Counselling Day (9-12 am) for those who have lost a loved one, friend or colleague during this lockdown/pandemic season and need to connect with a caring team of people who can just be there to discuss their loss.  This is a FREE event. Anyone is welcome to attend … Read More

Prayer | Listening to God

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Prayer - Listening to God - newDAY Church Edenvale

Prayer – Listening to GodA series on learning to be attentive to God’s Voice and Presence Prayer (Listening to God) is largely fellowship and inhabiting the presence of God – trusting Him to meet us more tangibly. One of the most valuable lessons we can ever learn is how to listen to God. In the midst of our complex and … Read More