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Here you'll find all the prayer meetings - the stand-alone weekly Thursday Prayer meetings at 6PM PLUS  the End-of-the-Month Double Prayer & Worship Sessions on Wednesday and Thursday


Since "Time Immemorial" we have had Thursday Evening Prayer Meetings at 6PM. Regular like clockwork, except when there are holiday periods. See the schedules below and click the "BOOK NOW" buttons to book.
Please note that Café newDAY does run specials for Dinner Meals because the meeting starts early on a weeknight. Please check in with them on their website to view specials or call them on 072 663 1778.


For a short period between May and November 2021, there will be "End-of-the-Month" 2-Day Prayer and Worship Sessions. (Excludes September). You may elect to include a fast over these two days while we as a church seek the will of God for our Church, our Region, our Country... and the world.  Please make sure to Book for Both the Wednesday AND the Thursday - See Schedule below and their corresponding booking buttons.

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