christian men’s camp

Lionel du Plessis

christian men's camp - newDAY Church October 2021

Christian Men’s CampAn Hour’s Drive – A World Away Calling the “Band of Brothers” – the “Watchmen on the Wall”, the “Generals”, the “Wise Men of the City Gates”… we are gathering together for strategy, for fellowship and for recharging. Dust off the boots, mend the tents and start packing your weapons of warfare (don’t forget the biltong and your … Read More

Boys to Men Social | Band of Brothers | 13 August 2021

Lionel du Plessis

Boys to Men - male bonding activities - Band of Brothers at newDAY Church Edenvale

Boys to Men SocialBand of Brothers – ages 13 to 100+ Boys to Men Social – Mark this in your diary – calling all men from 13 up for an afternoon of FUN ACTIVITIES. R40 Entrance Fee – Food and drink on sale. This event carries a cost of R40. We do accept cash at the door – but should … Read More

Mens Breakfast | Band of Brothers | 10 April 2021

Lionel du Plessis

Mens Breakfast at Newday Church 10 April 2021

Mens Breakfast. A Smorgasbord of ideas will be shared at the Men’s Breakfast with the “Band of Brothers” – BOOK NOW – Nothing fancy. It’s NOT Free this time. R30. Coffee. Eggs and Bacon. By registering my attendance, I agree to the following in order to have breakfast at the restaurant. I understand that if I’m over 60 I am at … Read More

Mens Breakfast | Band of Brothers | 4 September 2020

Lionel du Plessis

Mens Breakfast Band of Brothers 4 September 2021

Men’s Breakfast. There may or may not be a pie fight. Probably just a rumour. Brett will be sharing wisdoms with the “Band of Brothers” – healthy portions of God’s words will be served. BOOK NOW – ONLY xx spots available. Nothing fancy. Muffins. Coffee. Fruit (the kind classified as food). Also maybe eggs and bacon.