Learn to walk with Jesus | Walking the Road Course

Lionel du Plessis

Learn to walk with Jesus | Walking the Road Course at newDAY Church Edenvale - newDAY Bible College

Learn to walk with Jesus  Deepening your understanding of the Christian Faith”Walking the Road” Course Walking the Road – The Bible is the most incredible book ever written. It is God’s own Word to us, including His self-revelation, His plan for you and I, and instructions on how to live in the Kingdom of God. This course covers essential teachings … Read More

Christian Leaders Practical Training | Religious Christian Practitioner

Lionel du Plessis

Christian Leaders Practical Training | Religious Christian Practitioner ay newDAY Bible College

Christian Practical Leadership TrainingReligious Christian Practitioner Course SAQA and QCTO recognised NQF 2 Course For 18 months meet together at newDAY on Mondays at 6:30PM Get some knowledge Learn some practical skills Use both for workplace experience A qualified learner will be able to: Share the gospel in a specific context and to a specific audience Build caring relationships in … Read More

Evangelism Equipping Course | How to Share your Faith

Lionel du Plessis

Evangelism Equipping Course | How to Share your Faith at newDAY Church Edenvale

How to Share your FaithEvangelism Equipping Course – A One Day course Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. Mark 16:15 This is a simple instruction yet so many people do not put it into practice because they either do not feel equipped to do so, feel they do not know what to say or … Read More

The Wholeness Course Edenvale

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The Wholeness Course Edenvale st newDAY Church Edenvale

The Wholeness Course Edenvale The Wholeness Course Edenvale – brings together the five areas of human function – the spiritual, rational, behavioural, physical, and emotional aspects of self. Attendees will better understand why they think, feel and behave as they do. The Wholeness Course gives a practical framework for understanding how all areas of our life fits into God’s plan, … Read More

Alpha Course Edenvale

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Alpha Course Edenvale - newDAY Church Edenvale

Alpha Course Edenvale – Yes, We’re Running Alpha! Alpha Course Edenvale – Alpha is a series of low-pressure social evenings centred around the dinner table where you can freely ask and explore questions relating to the meaning of life and the Christian Faith. 10 May – 28 June 2021 6:30PM – 8:30PM Every Alpha session has three key ingredients: food, … Read More

How to Hear from God | Learn with newDAY

Lionel du Plessis

Hearing God's Voice

How to Hear from GodHearing God’s Voice – A 6-week course John 10:27 states “My sheep hear my voice, I know them and they follow Me”. As believers we all have the ability to hear Gods voice. Some of the topics covered are: My Identity in Christ, different ways in which God speaks, Discerning whose voice i am tuned into. … Read More

Pre-Marriage Course | Ready to Wed

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Pre-Marriage Course at newday church edenvale

Pre-Marriage CourseREADY TO WED? “Invitations, venue, catering, dresses, flowers and cake – these are all important parts of planning a great wedding… BUT, what about planning for a great marriage? What do the words of our vows really entail? And do I really understand my partner? Handling finances? Communicating about intimacy? Handling Conflict? Expectations? Team? Money? The course is designed … Read More