Expecting Great Things From God | Great Expectations

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Expecting Great Things from God - Great Expectations - Greig Garratt - newDAY Church Edenvale

Expecting Great Things From God”Great Expectations” Greig Garratt taps into Romans to kick start this series titled “Great Expectations” – what can we EXPECT from God and this great gospel of Jesus Christ. WATCH: Below is a video Playlist – top left is a box that tells you how many videos are in the playlist. You can choose which one … Read More

Open Hearts Open Doors

Lionel du PlessisAudio Preach, Video Series

Open Hearts Open Doors - Dj Strydom preaches at newDAY Church Edenvale

Open Hearts Open Doors:How to “Love thy neighbour as thyself” by DJ Strydom DJ Strydom shares how to love thy neighbour as thyself by opening up our hearts and even our doors to those God shows you. WATCH: LISTEN: newDAY Church · Open hearts Open doors – DJ Strydom “And every day, in the temple and from house to house, they … Read More