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The Book of Acts - Video Series teaching by Greig Garratt newDAY Church

Book of Acts! 

A gigantic video bible study series
If you love delving into God's Word in-depth, then prepare a flask (or two) and find a good spot to sit down and focus. This extensive series, months and months in the making, is organised into 4 Seasons in order to manage the content.

How to watch:

There are 3 ways to watch

You can watch right here - below is 4 sections - each section is a Collection of Videos organised as one big "book" with "chapters".  

Acts Season 1

Acts Season 2

Acts Season 3

Acts Season 4

Acts Season 5

The second way to watch is to click through to our dedicated channels and showcases on Vimeo. Below you'll find buttons to the corresponding showcase. We like these because they are distraction-free and free of advertising.

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