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Hello everyone, March is already upon us and the year seems to be moving along quite quickly.

As we’re more intentionally wanting to be fruitful as a church, we’re seeking the Lord for His guidance, leading and wisdom. All our ministry endeavours need to reflect three important criteria: (1) We need to experience the personal presence of God more, (2) We want to see people regularly and radically coming to Jesus through salvation, (3) we need to be making disciples, who know how to make other people into disciples of Jesus.

I encourage you to join us in making these your personal priorities too, so that we can together make a greater impact for the kingdom of God. I am enjoying our meeting, prayer and worship times, and I sense a new expectation in the air as we try to please and seek the Lord together.

On a practical note, we are busy completing our new training facility, which we’re calling ETS (Equipping the Saints), and it will be ready by the end of March. The other priority right now is to totally revamp our Children’s Church facilities, which we will begin with as soon as the ETS house is done.

Lastly, a massive thank you to all those working in the coffee shop, making it such a delight for us to fellowship together around meetings…

All my love,