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Hello everyone,

We’ve had a great start to the new year, enjoying God’s presence, visitors, salvations, excitement etc…

We are in a series at the moment, entitled the “Think” series. Our aim is to stimulate ourselves to thinking the way God wants us to, because we’ll get closer to thinking about things the way He wants us to. Rom.12 tells us that when we change our thinking God’s way it’s called renewing our minds and leads to the massive benefit of being able to know (discern) God’s will.

There are things God specifically wants us to be thinking about, and we’ll look at them in the weeks ahead. At the moment we’re looking through Luke 5, and what the presence of Jesus does in a person’s life…

There are marvelous implications for our lives as we understand what it means to have Jesus with us all the time.

Also, we’re ¬†setting ourselves the goal this year of “each one reach one”, hoping to see all the folk of newDAY getting a heart for people who do not know Jesus. We’re wanting to obey the Great Commission in Matthew 28 by embracing the call of Jesus to reach all nations with the good news of the Gospel.


Love, Greig