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Hello everyone,

I’m sitting writing this blog from Dubai airport, as I wait from 8 pm to 4:20am to catch my flight home.
I sit and watch as nationalities of all walks pass by, shopping for stuff or excitedly going somewhere for December holidays. I’m struck again by the aspirations, dreams and longings people have locked up inside them, just trying to find expression…

I think of Ecclesiastes 3:11, where it says that God has put eternity in the hearts of man, and that so many people fail to realise that the intense longings for more, that was intentionally placed in them, were meant to be satisfied and met only in another world.

The beautiful story of Christmas is the story of that other world.
It is the story of God, and how He reached down into our world from His, announcing His intentions through His angels and His prophets to give this world incredibly good news.
Peace and joy, from heaven, could come into this world from the other one, and would be available for everyone who would look to His Son for salvation.

Our world doesn’t need to be told it’s in trouble and in a bad space. I think everyone knows that.
What they don’t seem to realise is that the world is in a bad place because they’re in a bad place!

The good news of Christmas is that God demonstrated His love for the people of this world through the incredible act of giving.
His act of giving His Son for the sins of the world as sacrificially as He did, is largely what we celebrate and remember each Christmas season.

Even the beautiful and creative decorations we see can remind us of all the ways we can express God’s love and message to our world.

There are ways we’re meant to emulate the self sacrificial nature of our God all year round. In fact, it becomes the very nature of the church, and we are given ample opportunities by the Holy Spirit to proclaim God’s good news.

I want to encourage you to immerse yourself in the promise of the other world we were created for, to keep your longing and expectation there, to live now for the rewards there, to keep spreading the news of that other world, inviting others to the presence of Jesus, the greatest gift of God!

Let’s enjoy this Christmas time with family and friends, focusing on the good news of those angels to the shepherds, “… Good news of great joy…” and be grateful for Jesus….

All my love,