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Hi folks,

It’s been a while since I updated. We have gone through many changes and had some health-related issues. Despite that, we move forward daily and fight the good fight. Things are moving fast these days.

Our wonderful Lord Jesus has kept us very busy. There is a growing need for help in the community daily for basics like food and clothing. He has been bountiful in supplying the need and faithful in reaching those he has prepared to return to Him.

We are blessed to have many faithful workers and a generous community that help. Folks donate free resources to assist. Technicians give their time and needed spares (without charging) to ensure the safety of our elderly in the community.
I want to praise and glorify Him. He has never failed to go ahead and prepare the way. He is a good good God. All the time. My husband and I accidentally interrupted an armed house break-in. I spoke to the criminal (not realizing he was one) and when we reversed to go check again, he pulled a weapon out from behind his back. CCTV shows they were 20 seconds behind us. We were fine and they literally were in the home for 1 min 37 seconds. They grabbed a small tv and old camera on their way out. The resident was grateful and wow we were in awe of how God works.
We are fundraising for LPR cameras and it is going well. We have seen the successful removal of criminal elements in our area due to the cameras. We have an incredible team headed by our biggest Security Company CPG who back us in every way. They are always willing to check things out and ensure the safety of all community members. They are dedicated, hardworking and highly reactive. Our CPF patrollers are selfless folks who look after us while we are asleep. They give up their time and are a real blessing. We have been counselling again when there is a problem, it is always awesome to be together as a group of patrollers, security and SAPS to help folks. Our patrollers get stuck in and repair gates and doors. They go way and beyond in every way.

Life is an adventure every day. We have no idea how and where God will use us. We do know that He completes what He started here 5 years ago. We have met other faithful workers and He is gathering His children to accomplish much. What a privilege and awesome life to experience that we are created by Him and for Him. The Whatsapp groups are a powerful tool and have grown to include traffic, buying and selling, prayer, and crime groups. I stand in awe at how God moves and is in the small details of our daily lives.

The work is plenty and we see that in these tough times, there are many hearts turning to Him for salvation. There is no better feeling in the world to see people coming out of darkness into the light.

Please continue to pray for all of us that are out there daily. I thank you for your prayer covering, it is much appreciated

As always
Go mad
Go and make a difference.

Matthew 9:37
The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.