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2016 :!

What an incredible year we have had. It has been challenging on many fronts. Our power and water is constantly off. It is very tough on the elderly and parents of babies. However many residents have rallied around and ensured they are sorted with water. Primus stoves, LED rechargeable lights and running cables to each other are the order of the day. There are many folks who have been retrenched or lost their jobs. There are constant donations of goods coming in and going out to the needy.

The best part of the year has been to see a community, police force and security companies working hand in hand with our patrollers and residents. Neighbors are alert and vigilant. Many crimes have been thwarted. No alarm is ever ignored, any suspicious persons or vehicles hits every group within minutes. Our men have rushed to the aid of broken down vehicles or flat tyres. They respond to any ladies who are in need of a safe escort into their homes.

Three families were blessed with everything they need to replace what they lost in house fires. I have had the privilege of being with crime victims and with folks who have lost loved ones in their toughest most vulnerable moments. Prayer and support is ongoing. In our prayer groups, we have seen salvations, blessings and provision. In this tough economy, many people donate whatever is needed for those having difficult times. Our SAP Youth Desk was blessed with a huge amount of food/coldrink etc to have a year end function by the residents. People have survived by selling unwanted items and building their businesses through the buy/sell groups. God has built a network that reaches this entire area. We have helped people find jobs and their lost animals and have stood together against issues that are affecting our community adversely. Many friends have been made and the lonely folk are connected to people and can chat in the social groups.

I often marvel at what God has built. He continues to open new doors and new groups to meet the needs of this community. I know 2017 will be even more fruitful and the Holy Spirit is leading the way to bigger things. It is the most exciting time of our lives as we take the love of Christ to those who need him the most. As His children we have learnt to listen carefully for His voice and to obey Him. This is the biggest gift we can receive, without which we would be useless. Blessings and grateful thanks for the prayer support. Go out there and go “mad” Make a difference.