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Tembisa – Ministry and Outreach



temb1Firstly, this is not about us or any of the people who have dedicated so much time and effort to making a difference.  This is about obedience. This about listening to God and acting on His message.  This is about getting out of the way and allowing God to work through His Son, through you.

The Great Commission:
Matthew 28 vs 18 to 20

All authority has been given to Me In heaven and on earth.  Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the ends of the age.

  • He says Go. Not a suggestion, proposal or hint. This is a command. Disobey at your peril.
  • Every fortnight the group prepare soup concentrate which is taken to Khya Lothando community centre, where NEWDAY Tembisa hold their services.
  • At the centre, The concentrate is diluted and heated ready for distribution.
  • We currently do 5 x 20Litre Pots which equates to 400 250ml cups of soup

Khya Lothando Centre:

  • A gazebo is set up with tables for serving the bread and soup to the needy local community metemb2mbers
  • Team evangelists evangelise, pray over those in need and do hands on healing with the ill.
  • The local SAPS and community policing members arrive and escort team members to the pre-identified squatter camps, where squatter camp community members are prepared and waiting for the arrival of the soup and bread which is dispensed from a portable table.
  • Use of community leaders helps with translation and orderly conduct.
  • Team evangelists are guiding by the Lord and do evangelism with participants from the crowds, as well as hands-on healing for those in need of prayer.40 loaves of bread are buttered by volunteers at Hope House and put into individual plastic bags to keep the bread fresh and uncontaminated.

Practical issues: Opportunities!temb3

  • Financial support – between 300 and 400 people are supplied with soup fortnightly. This is totally inadequate and a drop in the ocean of the problem as it exists in the squatter camps.
  • Each session costs about R1500, which means that a monthly cost of R3000 is currently incurred
  • The next step is to make this a weekly occurrence, which means doubling up on the present preparation and distribution.
  • Work load is broken up into:
    • Preparation of vegetables, +/- 20Kg per session
    • Pre-cooking of chicken portions, deboning and shredding – +/- 5Kg
    • Pre-cooking and shredding of chicken breast – +/- 5Kg
    • Mixing of the ingredients and packing into sealed buckets ready for transport
    • Washing of all pots, buckets, and implements used in the process
    • Transporting of people – many volunteers need to be transported to the community centre in Tembisa – space for at least 6 people needed.
    • We also distribute old clothing, toys etc
    • Transporting of gazebo, pots, buckets etc – ideally a bakkie or vehicle with loads of room.
  • At Tembisa :
    • Setting up
    • Heating the soup mix and adding thickeners etc
    • Serving soup and bread to those in need
    • Evangelising, praying and healing
    • Washing up empty pots, buckets etc

Future Plans:

  • Distribution of Mealie meal supplement:

–Packing 50g or 100g packstemb4

–Packing into 1 week supply

–Transporting to Tembisa community centre

–Re-distributing to squatter camps


  • Squatter Camp visits
  • Transport in convoy with Police – 2 vehicles needed
  1. for the soup, bread etc
  2. for transporting team members, total people 6
  3. Serving, assisting, rest evangelising, prying, healing


Rehumele Bank Account Details

Acc Name: Rehumele
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Eastgate (018505)
Acc No: 420464301
Reference: SoupKitchen

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