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I have never felt this excited. It is truly supernatural. It is tangible. What’s changed?  

We are having prayer meetings in my beloved Primrose. The place God put us. Our harvest field. It is the most amazing blessing to look out over the people and to see the faces of so many people that we have prayed for. Gods faithfulness is mind blowing. 

I know that this is the culmination of 5.5 years of so much planting and
ploughing. He has gone before us and prepared the way. First meeting there were 5 salvations. Great is our God. There is much to be done. Lots of discipling, teaching and lots of loving people into His Kingdom. Please pray alongside us as we go into our areas and reap the harvest. What a fulfillment of so many prophetic words over this area. The Holy Spirit is so evident and the impact on people,  who have never felt his presence before is changing them rapidly. There is a boldness arising in his children. God will send every soul, who is rapidly set on fire for him into areas where there is so much devastation. We have massive settlements in our area. It’s heartbreaking to witness the need. We are humbled, blessed and in awe of what we are seeing. And oh boy, indescribable excitement. 

Pray, pray and then…. pray some more. 

As always
Go m.a.d
Make a difference. 
With Love