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Hi everyone, we’re back fresh from another fantastic men’s camp, where the Lord did wonderful things in our hearts.

The focus was on the difference between the plans of man and the plans of God, and how to narrow the great divide between them so that we get to keep seeking the kingdom of God first. The Lord ministered into hearts and set many guys free.

Our evening meetings, with the focus on the person and ministry of the Holy Spirit, has been an amazing time of getting to know Him better, and I have enjoyed the responsiveness of our people and the manifestations of the Spirit. I really pray that as a whole congregation we will yearn for more of the reality and presence of the Holy Spirit and that we would truly hunger after Him – as He empowers us for ministry and changes our lives, and leads us into exploits.

Looking ahead, as we approach the last lap of the year I feel God’s highlighting the state of our hearts. Our hearts are deep places that constantly require the attention of God’s Spirit to keep us from becoming polluted through bitterness, resentment, anger, frustration etc.

We need to maintain the disciplines of being in His presence so that He can keep our hearts soft, free and ready for any instruction He wants to whisper to us.

Hopefully, the ‘Stop It’ series has been helpful to you and has given some handles for victorious living.

God bless you,

and lots of love,