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nig_3 Hi everyone, here’s an update from Nigeria.

As usual, getting visas was a major issue. I have been denied visas for the previous two years and received this one only through personal intervention by the former head of immigration of Nigeria (who happens to be in a partnering church) a few hours before we flew. Long story for another day.

We were encouraged to see around 150 leaders arrive on day one, with around half being new folk. It feels like starting all over here, in a sense, considering we’re in a new area and haven’t been back in years.

nig_2It looks like the negative influence of Boko Haram has been diminished in Kano to the extent that we may go back next year. Late last year, for example, one of our key leaders was forced to ram a motorcycle which had driven up to his vehicle he was travelling in with a fellow pastor. The passenger on the cycle pointed an AK-47 at him in an attempt to assassinate him. Just another day.

We’re working around the theme of what a “great church” looks like, that is attractive enough through the influence and saturation of the Holy Spirit to reach out to lost people with the good news of the kingdom of God.nig_5

We’re including foundational teachings, leadership training and addressing heart issues and its a joy to see the Lord working into hearts.

I’m grateful for the companionship of Marco, Graham and Andre, who agreed to come with at short notice. We will only reach nations by doing it together…

God bless you for now.