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Hello folks
First off I pray that this year will be the year that we ALL remember as being the start of a journey with God such as we have NEVER experienced before.

What an exciting year we have to look forward to.
2017 was an extremely challenging year. There were many ups and downs. We became parents to our beloved Grandchildren. Phew. This changed and impacted us. We have witnessed God’s redemptive love, healing and blessing which is so powerful that it has built our faith and made us realize, we never really understood just how much God can do with seemingly impossible situations. The first Bible verses I ever heard (13 years old), sustained us often. Psalm 121.

Our neighborhood was incredibly blessed from May until early January. We never experienced a single major crime. Our God continually shows that He is totally in control. (I also believe He extended His Mercy to us to accommodate the changes we have gone through where we were not able to be as present and as active as we were). He has raised many others up who have run with His vision. He is reaching hearts through these groups and touching lives on a whole new level.

The community awareness is high and anything suspicious is reported. Together with our Patrollers, security companies and police, many potential crimes were stopped. This is almost 5 years of hard work and lots of educational tools sent out that have become entrenched in people’s minds. Our 3 sectors have joined hands and hearts in combating crime. What a faithful God to answer years of prayer for this to happen. Oh how blessed we are.
There is NO feeling in the world quite like seeing your prayers answered. One wants to scream and jump for joy. There are many advantages of this and great team work is dream work. We are moving into so many areas with the Holy Spirits leading it’s awesome.

Sadly, we have seen growth in other areas such as domestic violence, depression, suicide and bullying in schools. We have formed a full trauma team from all sectors and we will be running workshops in the near future to empower and enable folks.

We will also be training new counsellors. The need is huge and growing daily in these areas, where it used to be only crime related. This is one of the biggest doors God is opening to reach folks for Him. So excited to be part of His initiatives. I marvel at how 1 little whatsapp group 4 ( almost 5 years) ago has grown to encompass so many areas of need.

My deepest desire and heartfelt urgency is to hear Him and obey Him on a much deeper level and to go out there and just love folks into His kingdom. The only way is to pitch up, dig in and walk those long roads with them.
Our prayer group is growing and we are seeing God impact lives daily. The best feeling is that when He moves and when all types of folks from every kind of church in the group see that, they start asking questions. And get saved.
I have such a high feeling of expectation and excitement that this year we are going to witness God move like we have never seen before. All we need to do is LISTEN. Matthew 9:37.

What an awesome, faithful, loving and involved God we serve. He is in every detail. Look for Him in everything and you will delight at how present He is. Oh how He loves us.
As always
Go and make a difference.