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Dear Church

We’ve had a great start to the year with the wonderful presence and activity of God. To be a part of this church that truly loves and serves our God is a privilege.

The Alpha course, which we’ve just run for the first time, has proven to be all that it intends: a whole lot of fun, a means to build friendship and a way of training and equipping the saints. I trust that our people will have grown in the understanding of their faith and in turn be more confident in sharing it with others.

I’ve been thinking through the implication of being led by the Holy Spirit. It’s evident that Paul the apostle lived, knowing that the definition of a Christian is: one led by the Spirit.
In every season, and now more obviously, we need this personal leading in bringing people to Christ. Not only that, but also to be witness to healings, breakthrough in tough situations, finances for Kingdom endeavors etc. It’s through the ministry of the Spirit that the church is given its Kingdom impetus.

His leading and manifest presence is what we trust and hope for.

Love Greig.