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A middle aged mounted policemans’ testimony of healing

Seven years ago my horse bucked me off and I got a torn ligament on my rotator cuff of my left shoulder.  The pain after the operation was excruciating.  I didn’t wish it on my worst enemy.  I lived on pain killers to the extent that I slept my way through the best part of three weeks after the operation.

Last year I gave my life to the Lord and became a reborn Christian.

Somewhere in the past few months I injured my right shoulder.  I went to the specialist, who told me that I had to do a rotator cuff repair similar like the one on the left.

So last Sunday 14 May I went to Greig Garratt and asked him to lay hands on me after the praise and worship . While he prayed for me it completely felt as if there was Voltaren which was rubbed over my shoulder. And that feeling stayed there till after I got home.

On Tuesday 16 May I went in for the operation.  After coming out , I had a bit of pain but nothing close to what I anticipated. The medical staff insisted obviously that I should receive pain medication as a shoulder operation is very painful.  I told them ill call them during the evening if it got bad. But didn’t feel the need for any.

Today is Friday and I’m still relatively pain free . Only pain I feel is when I do something stupid with my arm, which I’m not supposed to.  And then I get some just to remind me to behave.

I am totally convinced that it’s only due to a Devine Blessing from our Father God  that I’m feeling this way.

Thank you.