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Hello everyone.

Firstly thank you to those of you who donated your mini groceries to sell for our CPF patrollers fund.  Before the promotion started I asked our faithful God to bless this effort to raise enough funds to assist the other sectors with safety equipment as well. His favour is evident with the total sold. It is the last fundraising drive I will do. We now have 2 Ladies who are official PRO’S who will take over. After almost 4 years I can move into and focus on the things that God has revealed to me. It took 2.5 months, close to 2400kms driving, evenings and weekends of having hundreds of folks coming by our home and sitting in many a mall to meet the people.

The GRAND total…… R79 880.00

This is way bigger than the mini groceries! It was merely a tool in God’s hands. We have made lots of new friends from nearby towns, directed them to our other sites, counseled 3 married couples, 4 children who were being bullied, led 3 to Jesus and most of all prayed with so many hurting folks (one special lady who is now in Newday). The doors were opened to send this blog as confirmation of the legitimacy of the drive (thanks Greig) which I trust and believe God is using to reach His children.

My encouragement is to get involved with community drives. God brings the people who need him. You WILL be blessed. You WILL live a life filled with adventures that are precious to Him. The Holy Spirit’s voice gets clearer and clearer as you step out and obey and He will use you mightily with His gifting to operate in so many lives.  People are hurting so much. They are desperate for love, compassion and kindness. You don’t have to ask or speak. They just pour out their hearts because we carry the The power and authority of the Holy Spirit and they are drawn to Him.

It’s so faith building to watch them respond to His presence without even knowing they are. GOD DELIVERS and is faithful to his promises in every situation. Unemployment is rife. God provided for so many people, through other people who often are not saved. Open doors! Generosity and kindness changes them. They keep reaching out and help in ever increasing ways. Your life and your issues become small when walking with folks, through the most traumatic and stressful times of their lives. Only Jesus can help them and He uses us as the vessel.

Thank you for the prayers and unwavering support. Newday Church our spiritual home and family, is the foundation for all we do and it’s the springboard from where we are launched to spread the gospel and I pray that everyone will reach one and “GO MAD.”   Go out and make a difference.

God has gone before you and prepared the way and the hearts of the people that need Him.

Blessings – Vee