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Hi everyone,

I’m writing to you from cold Denver. I’m in the USA at the moment primarily to join some other guys on the NCMI team and spend time with Tyrone Daniel, our team leader.

We meet once a year in the Rockies in Colorado, to hang out together, pray, strategise for the nations and to find God’s heart for the year ahead together for our partnering churches around the world.

As we look to the year ahead, I want to briefly share a thought with you.

In the latter part of last year I felt God whisper a phrase into my heart: each one reach one…

As I’ve spent time reflecting on what He placed on my heart for us, I’ve felt His compassion and desire for people to know Him.

We know that mankind fell through Adam’s sin, and that we all inherited his sinful nature, and as a result we have all drifted away from Him.

The consequences in individual lives, families, communities and nations have been devastating, and we all see and experience the damage and pain.

Jesus told us that we have become the light of the world, which simply means that He has empowered Christians to bring the clarity of revelation and understanding of God back into the world.

He also sent His church, in the power of the Holy Spirit, to GO and proclaim the good news of the gospel.

We want to set a goal, as newDAY Church, that “each one reach one”, at least, over the next twelve months.

This implies a few things:

  • that we all get God’s heart for people
  • that we commit to extending ourselves to share the gospel
  • that we build bridges with people that can develop into real relationships
  • that we learn how to share our faith in meaningful ways
  • that we learn to love enough to cope with possible rejection
  • that we set the goal of making those we reach regular attenders of our church


I firmly believe that if we can get people to become a regular part of our church life we provide the environment for the Holy Spirit to truly work in their lives. By illustration, Jesus took some time before He asked His disciples who they thought He was.

So, if we can each try to get at least one person to become part of our church within a twelve month period, we will experience God’s activity and joy in our midst like never before.

I encourage you to pray earnestly about this, and join us in this adventure as we try to respond together to what God has put on our hearts in this season..

All my love,