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What an exciting time we live in. There is so much opportunity to reach folks.

In June one of our CPF patrollers sent a message requesting the help of a plumber for an elderly couple in their 80’s who were living without hot water. Winter has been very cold at times.

After praying and hearing the word R6000, I placed an appeal in 2 buy/sell groups that Saturday morning. By 6 pm, we had received R5300. By Sunday pm we had R6000. AND a free, brand new geyser.

The Monday I received a video testimony of the couple. The husband is blind and he and his wife were overwhelmed and tearful at God’s provision. They also celebrated their wedding anniversary on the Sunday that they received the news. By Monday 12 pm the geyser was installed. In addition, we bought food with the remaining cash (after paying only for the labour costs).

I posted the video to the groups. As a result, a lady made contact and has since accepted Jesus. God WILL and DOES use His children to create an enormous spirit of generosity in the hearts of everyone and to reach those who need Him.
When delivering the food, it was one of the best times I’ve had. Whilst we were there the couple, as well as my friend and I started to laugh uncontrollably as the Joy of the Lord descended. What an amazing blessing. Our God is always opening doors. We just need to listen and obey. Life becomes an everyday adventure.