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Community impact.

This year started with a bang. I was laid up for 6 weeks with a broken toe. We’ve faced many illnesses and it’s been encouraging to see the depth of care and love shown to us by our neighbourhood. When God directed me to create the crime groups, I could not have imagined the extent to which He would use them to touch people’s lives. Here are a few examples of how much He moves in our midst.

Our patrollers came to me and asked for help. A lady and her 2 daughters are living in their home with a badly broken roof and rotting ceilings covered in massive amounts of black mould. They literally sleep and live in the kitchen. A resident, who loves the Lord, is replacing and painting all the ceilings. We’ve raised the funds to repair the entire roof. This lady is excommunicated from her family, who do not believe our God is real. Wow! Her testimony to His goodness is life changing and will surely show just how Big and Real God is.

We are privileged to be called by neighbors when there’s a crime, when there’s a medical emergency, accident, or their family members have passed away. These are times when one gets to just represent the Lord in a tangible way with prayer, support and practical help. I was added to a National Emergency Response group, who are awesome at speedily dispatching in any emergencies. I’ve connected with incredibly selfless folks who fight crime everyday.

One of our neighbors was in an extremely life threatening position and I put out the call and within 10 minutes there were over 300 responders from all over Gauteng. This powerful testimony will be told at church by the person when everything is settled. Our awesome God is doing amazing things and I stand in awe at how he orchestrates things. Two of our patrollers are now running a feeding scheme to help people who are going through a tough time. They get donations of clothes, food and goods that they sell to raise money to supply the growing need in our community.

I see that God has built a real community, where folks are connected in so many ways and are generous and quick to respond to others needs. We are blessed. The groups have grown to include jobseekers, traffic reports, Because we care (projects to help), prayer and municipal issues. The biggest blessing is seeing how God has united those in our area who love and serve Him to work together and through this alone, folks are getting saved and are in turn, serving the community.

A young child of 11 went missing last week. The mom posted it early pm on fb. I happened to see it around 6 pm. I contacted the number given to get more info and it turned out to be the nephew of a new flat tenant across the street from me. I posted it on all groups and the patrollers from our 3 Sectors mobilized with many neighbors and he was found within l0 minutes. They brought him to us and we happily handed him back to his mom. What a feeling!

A lady joined a group and contacted me for a telephone number. I invited her to the prayer group. She joined it. She told me she is lonely. I went the next morning to have coffee. She is born again. Her family are Hindu. When she went to make coffee, her husband shared the problems they were having in their family. Her son then called her. The Holy Spirit revealed to me that he was gravely ill. The dad was not keen to let me see him. God moved and within 15 minutes he was on his way to hospital. He had double pneumonia and chronic bladder infection. The dad was stunned. He asked me “who are you?” I told him God sent me. The hospital had no beds so they gave him medication and sent him home. Later that night we held hands and all prayed for their son, who recovered well. The work is ongoing with them. We are trusting God for their salvation.

I hope this encourages all of you to see how God uses anything and everything to reach the lost. What an adventure life is. There is never a dull or boring day. Life is fulfilling and often hectic. He gives us supernatural strength and refreshes us continually. We are constantly humbled by the suffering we see. It’s a powerful reminder of how blessed we are by God.

GO MAD – Make a difference
Matthew 9:37