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Hello everyone.

Wow, another year has flown by!

Being year-end, I’m sure you’re keen to put your feet up and catch a breather. This holiday time is important for a few reasons:
Obviously it’s “Christmas season”, which we Christians recognise as the time to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. While experts think Jesus was actually born at a different time of the year – and Christmas as a concept has dubious origins – it remains a wonderful opportunity to celebrate Jesus’ birth as the gift from the Father to the world.

It’s as the angels proclaimed, “Good news of great joy, for all people…” Christmas is a great opportunity for Christians to share this Good News. We give gifts to loved ones and walk around in joy in remembrance of God’s incredible gift to humanity. The Christmas spirit seems to cause an openness in people to receive words and acts of kindness and it is with that in mind that we should trust the Holy Spirit to give us opportunities to do good to others.

This is also a special time with family and friends. Both are gifts from God, and should be enjoyed and celebrated in an unhurried way. None of the activity around this season; shops, presents, Christmas lights and shared meals, should rob us the privilege of time spent together as the main priority. Time with those we love and appreciate.

It is a time to rest!

I’m constantly amazed at how people run themselves ragged over this period resulting in them needing another holiday come January! If we are in hopes of starting the new year with clear vision and enthusiasm, then rest and refreshing is key. Next year is gonna be exciting and will require our energy and passion to do God’s will for us as a church.

Lastly, it is wise to manage our finances well in this season! Often in the spirit of giving, it can quickly turn to irresponsible spending. Too easily one can splash out on gifts and entertainment ‘in the moment’, and then find oneself under financial pressure to start the new year with. Financial debt is a crippling fear that haunts people, and should be avoided at all costs. Let’s strive to honour the biblical command which tells us to owe no man any debt but the debt of love, so that we can build, and then keep, margin in our finances! Then we can still obey God with our finances and bless others liberally!

That’s all for now,
God bless you and keep you,
All my love,
Greig, for the eldership team.