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Our community is blessed. We’ve had a long stretch without major crime, but that has changed. In the last few months we have had house break-ins, vehicle theft and a highjacking. However, it still amazes me that when God said to start these anti crime groups, those events were virtually daily. They are so few now it’s incredible, however it is “silly season” so it’s expected. We all have to become more vigilant and aware and after peace for so long, it’s tough to get back into that mindset for many folks. Our SAPS youth have handed out pamphlets into postboxes and we are posting safety tips. The community is tightening up all defenses and standing united. It is easy to become complacent and relaxed. Thankfully that’s changing fast.

God’s work is ongoing. I received a frantic voice note from a neighbour of a lady needing an ambulance. It was close by so whilst calling EMS, I went there. Her son had overdosed on tablets. I did not go in as he was extremely violent and aggressive. I prayed. I felt he hadn’t taken the tablets and was a danger to the EMS and SAPS so I cancelled them. I also did not want him getting hurt. It all goes down very fast, trust me, and I’m grateful that the Lord speaks so clearly in these situations as time is of the essence. He was ok, hadn’t taken any tablets, calmed down and we are praying he will be seen by medical professionals.

I invited mom to church. She said she had been to a beautiful church twice but with all the chaos hadn’t been back yet. Yippee. It is Newday. Awesome God.  She will attend home cell and is so excited to come to church. She needs prayer as the threat is real of losing her son. It was a goosebumps encounter to see God’s hand so clearly.

In the past week this is what God has done.
Alerted to a lady (born again) who had possibly had a stroke. Got her to a doctor. The impact of how events unfolded on the folks in her flat building is huge. An elderly resident was threatened, her windows smashed and that is still an issue we are dealing with.

We are trying to locate a home for a very old person who can’t stay where she is. Not a simple task. God will provide.
Sourced an oxygen bottle for a lady who lost everything when her house burnt down. She couldn’t breathe and her son was trying to keep her upright all night. His boss called and asked for help. God has organized a new system with a lifetime supply of oxygen for free.

And 5 minutes ago, helped to organize an ambulance for a child who fell out of a tree 2 days ago and is manifesting signs of brain trauma. Going to see the mom a bit later. We started a traffic/protest/strikes group to assist folks avoid danger spots.

This is how life is for us. There are so many things going on. God sends us where HE is needed.

The point of listing all of this is that if we ask God to use us every morning, He does. These are really tough times. People are struggling. We bring, hope, help and above all the presence of God. People see that He moves in seemingly impossible situations. God clears all obstacles and in following up and walking with people, leading them to Him just happens naturally. God has gone before. They’ve see Him move. We marvel often at how many things happen and we wonder what would happen to these folks when the situations are life and death and because of the groups things happen fast and lives are saved, in the physical and spiritual world. I often stand in awe at what God has built, and regularly am so touched and excited as things unfold.

The biggest blessing is that despite the many troubles everyday brings, one does not have time to fret or worry. God moves while we are busy with others. He has everything sorted in our favor before we even get to focus on ourselves.

People are desperate for help. The biggest gift we have is Jesus.

Go out there and go mad.
Make a difference

“O sing to the LORD a new song, For He has done marvelous and wonderful things; His right hand and His holy arm have gained the victory for Him.”
‭‭PSALM‬ ‭98:1‬ ‭AMP