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Hi, you wonderful newDAY people.

It’s been a long while since my last blog, but then, a lot has happened.

On a personal note, it’s obviously been tough with Hencia’s illness, and we continue to contend for her full healing. We’ve received amazing support from you, and we’re very grateful. We’re learning, and relearning, many lessons as this process continues. It isn’t easy when the Lord’s deliverance isn’t as quick as we’d like…

We’ve seen Burger and Cathrin plant Foundations Church into Alberton with about 40 newDAY folk and we pray they’ll have a tremendous impact into that area the Lord has placed them in.

Andre and Nikita have relocated to Australia, feeling that the Lord wants to plant them into Brisbane to establish a church there.

Exciting times indeed!

It would be so appreciated if you could open your hearts to both couples financially so that we can bless and enable their efforts even more. Just get hold of the church office for details or go to the website, and mark contributions for them specifically.

We’ve launched our Thursday evening meetings, and it’s off to  a relatively slow start, with about 50-70 people per meeting, but we’ve had new people join the church, and we’ve already seen salvations, so we’re excited about that meeting growing…

We have some exciting events up ahead, the soonest one being Ignite…please try attend all the sessions, which will involve taking the Friday off work. Well worth it! Speakers will include Grant Crawford, Mike Hanchett, possibly Gert-Jan van Gerestijn and Jannes…

On the local front, we feel the Lord is teaching us afresh how to listen for His voice, how to establish our identity truly in being His workmanship, and in rising up in greater power and authority in His name!

God bless you, and remember, Each One Reach One

Greig and Hencia