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What a challenging few months we have had. There are many issues God is highlighting in our area. We see them as open doors to reach the lost. Every day God reveals ways to be involved and just love folks through the tough stuff.

There are many young children living in homes with parents who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. These little souls see the worst of the worst and are seriously neglected. There are people rising up to give them homes and a chance at a better life. The need is huge and grows daily and without God paving the way, this would be impossible.

Currently, as a home group, we are praying for God to open doors to have safe houses for them. The abuse and tragic consequences these children face, is heart-wrenching.
We have also recently seen a dramatic increase of baby’s being born prematurely, which drains the families in so many ways. We pray with them, support them and do many practical tasks to help.

Our home group and many ladies in the neighbourhood prepared meals for a family whilst a young father went through a month of aggressive chemo for cancer. He was placed in isolation for the duration. We raised cash for groceries and electricity. They were also blessed with additional groceries by a home cell member.

Salvations are ongoing. I had the privilege of seeing God do something I have experienced three times. Reaching into and temporarily restoring the minds of folks with dementia. Each time, they suddenly become focused and with great clarity,  start asking lots of questions about Him and His Kingdom. They make a commitment amidst many tears and then slowly drift away again. It is a unique and humbling experience.

We had 3 new folks join our home cell this week from this neighbourhood.  One family have seen him move mightily. The wife had a huge heart attack on Saturday 22 April. This is her testimony yesterday after attending home cell. AWESOME FAITHFUL GOD.

“Was so nice to meet you all last night at the home cell. My husband has been out of work for a few months now and when we got home last night out son told us his boss wants to meet with him to discuss a position he wants to create in his company. This has been the best news we have had in months now. Thank you all for the prayers.  God Bless”
I saw this lady yesterday. She is so excited by what God is doing, her family and 3 other folks are coming to church on Sunday.

We have been with folks who have lost loved ones. Despite the pain and sorrow, in two cases we have seen God bring reconciliation amongst family members who have been estranged for years, and joy, peace and strength to walk forward as families in Him.

God is faithful to His word as we continually obey and respond to calls for help. A huge blessing is to witness neighbours getting stuck into whatever is needed, for e.g. running electrical cords to others who have no electricity, delivering water to those who have none, rushing out en masse to protect and effectively stop two highjackings, donating cash and goods to be sold to keep our patrollers on the road and going out and looking for one another’s lost pets just to mention a few.

What a wonderfully generous community Our Faithful Father has created, through these WhatsApp groups.

As always thank you for your prayers as we live out the scripture he gave us:

Matthew 9:37 – “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”